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1. face (अनुहार) :: Beyond the grey light was coming and going as clouds chased each other across the face of the moon
2. facility (सुविधा) :: The 60bed shortterm facility provides quality medical care while engaging in innovative education and research
3. fact (वास्तवमा) :: opinions should be based on fact
4. factor (कारक) :: Multiply your X factor by 159 to reach a daily total of 2067 calories a day
5. factory (कारखाना) :: The company has a niche market in building roads and bespoke factories in Scotland
6. fail (असफल) :: The progress of the boys is monitored for about a year and if they fail to live up to expectations they are dropped for the following year
7. failure (विफलता) :: There has been an inadequate emphasis in some cases on real discovery which requires a tolerance of failure
8. faint (बेहोश) :: If I didnt find food soon I was going to collapse in a dead faint
9. fair (निष्पक्ष) :: Another was listed in serious condition and the third was in fair condition both at the Lakeview Medical Centre
10. fairly (एकदम) :: One of the problems I find when listening to commercial radio is the constant repetition of fairly long adverts
11. faith (विश्वास) :: Religious faith naturally appears and is as compelling as the innate desire to be good
12. faithful (विश्वासी) :: High in the Alps is a monument raised in honour of a faithful guide who perished while ascending a peak to rescue a stranded tourist
14. fall (गिर) :: I well remember my third birthday when we had a heavy fall of snow
16. fame (ख्याति) :: His brief tenminute TV appearance so far hasnt brought him instant fame and fortune
17. familiar (परिचित) :: He had visited them before and there were the usual familiar faces but on this occasion what he experienced left him shaken
18. family (परिवार) :: That is the way towards building a new Scotland fit and ready to play its full part in the European family of nations
19. famous (प्रसिद्ध) :: The crocus was famous for both aesthetic and practical reasons in the ancient world
20. fan (प्रशंसक) :: Anyway a fan waving a banner invaded the pitch in the last seconds of a SwissPortuguese match

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