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Bludgeon :
- bludgeonbludgeonedbludgeoningbludgeons

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Noun(1) a club used as a weapon
Verb(1) overcome or coerce as if by using a heavy club(2) strike with a club or a bludgeon

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(1) Another small sound and the guard was on its feet with a bludgeon in its hand.(2) The ruling gives authoritarian regimes around the world a new bludgeon to use against news organizations as well as their own populations trying to get access to media beyond the control of state censors.(3) This is a ridiculous and reactionary practice that has morphed true humility into a bludgeon for the easily offended who are envious because of their own lack of skills and abilities.(4) In reality, it is a bludgeon used by businesses against their better-performing competitors.(5) He grabbed one of the gigantic bones that adorned the top of the casino and used it as a bludgeon , smashing building after building.(6) Of course, one should never forget the unificationist politicians and their media allies, who are doing their best to use the links issue as a key bludgeon against the government.(7) And that we can target it like a surgeon - you know, we need more of a surgeon's knife than a bludgeon to go after it.(8) I lunged at him, wielding the book like a bludgeon .(9) Here, as elsewhere, we can use a formal argument as a tool of inquiry even if we can't use it as a bludgeon to finish off those who disagree.(10) As in other areas, free speech supporters will have to hope the government proceeds with a scalpel, and not a bludgeon .(11) The pairing seemed to spark off each other, one a bludgeon and the other more of a rapier.(12) In terms of state action, he says he wants the bludgeon to be replaced by the rapier.(13) In any event, it passed, and though it had some negative effects, it has had more positive ones; and politically, it removed a huge bludgeon from the Republicans' hands.(14) If liberals play their cards right, this collapse could provide them with a powerful rhetorical bludgeon .(15) a rhetorical bludgeon in the war against liberalism(16) It acts on one like a bludgeon until one's sensibility is pummelled flat and one's heart goes dead.
1. cudgel ::
2. club ::
3. stick ::
4. truncheon ::
5. baton ::
6. nightstick ::
7. billy club ::
बिली क्लब
8. blackjack ::
9. batter ::
10. cudgel ::
11. club ::
12. beat ::
13. thrash ::
14. clobber ::
15. pummel ::
सुक्की देखि पीटना
Different Forms
bludgeon, bludgeoned, bludgeoning, bludgeons
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