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Chigger - (chigger) :: Whenever we went out we both wore hats and also shoes indoors and out so that we did not suffer from jiggers

Lizard - (छेपारो) :: The reptiles were kept in enclosures covered by nets to stop birds from munching the lizards

Swift - (तेज) :: Putting on a swift burst of speed he dived low and skimmed the waters of a lake

Abalone - (ऐबालोन) :: There are less than a dozen white abalones in captivity

Bullfrog - (bullfrog) :: You dont hear bullfrogs or toads anymore because weve poisoned the streams and creeks with our chemicals Askins speculates


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Town - (शहर) :: They have to come into town to do their shopping and that costs money

Toy - (खेलौना) :: The result is a digital rendering of each concept and a fullsize sculpted model of the toy in foam

Trace - (ट्रेस) :: On butcher paper trace the outline of the chair seat then add 1 inch around all sides

Track - (ट्रयाक) :: However because Arrow trains require a different gauge track a new line needs to be put down

Trade - (व्यापार) :: Illicit dealers targeted the trade as demand for poultry meat increased year on year


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Degradation - (क्षरण) :: Mass movements against the degradations of the free market have developed in every continent


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Pneumonia (निमोनिया) :: Zinc supplementation reduces the incidence of diarrhoea and pneumonia and improves growth

Zealot (zealot) :: I couldnt resist reading that story in this era of Hitlerian antismoking zealotry

Twinkling (twinkling) ::

Undecided (अनिर्णीत) :: So far Republicans have added three seats in the Senate with two races still undecided and four seats in the House with one race still undecided

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