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कमजोर, rickety, महीना कागज, ghostly, मधुरो, बेहोश, नीरस, खोच्चाउनु, रत्तीएको, निर्जीव, sickly, बिग्रेको, stemless, infirm, अस्पष्ट

Feeble    :कमजोर


Feeble - कमजोर

Feebleness :: feebleness


Related Words

1. be feeble :: कमजोर हुन


1. weak :: कमजोर

2. ineffective :: अप्रभावी

3. cowardly :: कायर

4. faint :: बेहोश

5. lame :: लङ्गडा

6. sapless ::

7. nerveless :: nerveless


1. mighty :: शक्तिशाली

2. powerful :: शक्तिशाली

3. rugged :: बीहड

4. stalwart :: stalwart

5. stout :: स्टाउट

6. strong :: बलियो

Different forms

feeble, feebleness

English to Nepali Dictionary: feeble
Meaning and definitions of feeble, translation in Nepali language for feeble with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of feeble in Nepali and in English language.

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What feeble means in Nepali, feeble meaning in Nepali, feeble definition, examples and pronunciation of feeble in Nepali language.

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Verb :: प्रकुपित, कारण, ल्याउन, बनाउन, गर्न वृद्धि दिन, अवसर, जन्म दिन, उत्पन्न, बढ्न, , सिर्जना, बनाउनको बन्द, खाता, रोक, समाप्त, प्रविष्ट, मा जोर, ड्राइभ, मा स्वीकार, उपज, उत्पादन गर्न, प्रोपेगेट
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