English to Nepali Meaning of rank - रैंक

Rank :

रैंक, राज्य, अर्डर, अनुक्रम, श्रृंखला, बैकल्पिक, पङ्क्ति, लाइन, सीमा, टियर, स्ट्रिङ, स्थिति, ग्रेड, स्टेशन, अवस्था, कार्यालय, अवधि, काम, वस्तु, आयाम, डिग्री, औषधिको खुराक, दर, कर्मियों, सेना, वर्ग, समूह, चरण, पल्ट, पुस्ता, शक्ति

रैंक, वर्गीकरण गर्नु, मार्शल, समूह, सीमा, एरे, लाम, लाइन, निरपेक्ष, STARK, राम्ररी, सरासर, सुगंधित, सकल, कच्चा, बोल्ड, व्यर्थ

दर्जासबrankerrankestrankineर्याङ्किङ्गर्याङ्किङ्गranklingranklyranknessमोर्चा बाँध्न
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Definitions of rank in English
Noun(1) a row or line of people (especially soldiers or police(2) relative status(3) the ordinary members of an organization (such as the enlisted soldiers of an army(4) position in a social hierarchy(5) the body of members of an organization or group
Verb(1) take or have a position relative to others(2) assign a rank or rating to(3) take precedence or surpass others in rank
Adjective(1) very fertile; producing profuse growth(2) very offensive in smell or taste(3) conspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible(4) complete and without restriction or qualification; sometimes used informally as intensifiers(5) growing profusely
Examples of rank in English
(1) The product of the Soviets' laudable campaign for universal public housing, Petrzalka's rank ugliness serves only to emphasize what a jewel the old part of the city is.(2) In May 2003, he was promoted to the highest rank of cadet officer.(3) Annapolis had a large number of bachelors among those of high social rank .(4) But ten years from now, no one is going to give a damn what social rank you held in high school.(5) The flesh was pale grey in the thin light and the stomach had a harsh, rank smell.(6) It is clear that your hate is founded in your arrogant elitism and your rank racism.(7) Many of the most important rules of etiquette serve to mark differences in social rank .(8) The rank of this matrix is 1, so that the equation is identified.(9) White has his rook on the seventh rank and Black's queenside pawns are very weak.(10) Traditional values included an acceptance of behavior dependent on social rank .(11) How Americans will react to this rank ingratitude is beyond me.(12) As she got closer she could smell the sweat on him and the rank smell of horse.(13) only two cabinet members had held ministerial rank before(14) Also, they rank the choices within a given question, not across questions.(15) I think of myself a political moderate, but the callousness and the rank inefficiency of much of the current Republican party leadership leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.(16) A rank smell wafted its way towards Hailey's nose.
Related Phrases of rank
(1) taxi rank ::
ट्याक्सी रैंक
(2) military rank ::
सैन्य रैंक
(3) social rank ::
सामाजिक रैंक
(4) first rank ::
पहिलो रैंक
(5) academic rank ::
शैक्षिक रैंक
(6) rank-and-file ::
दर्जा र फाइल
(7) highest rank ::
उच्चतम दर्जा
(8) rank among ::
बीचमा रैंक
1. abundant ::
2. offensive ::
3. downright ::
4. egregious ::
5. absolute ::
6. position ::
7. high standing ::
उच्च स्थितिमा
8. row ::
9. social rank ::
सामाजिक रैंक
11. membership ::
12. classify ::
वर्गीकरण गर्नु
13. prioritize ::
14. have a rank ::
एक स्तर
15. order ::
16. outrank ::
1. sparse ::
Different Forms
rank, ranked, ranker, rankest, rankine, ranking, rankings, rankling, rankly, rankness, ranks
Word Example from TV Shows

"Rank the following aspects of Sheldon Cooper in order of appeal:

The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 13

...be at once raised to the rank of lord...

...be at once raised to the RANK of lord...

Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 8

I've decided my rank
will be captain.

I've decided my RANK will be captain.

The Big Bang Theory Season 5, Episode 1

Why don't you rank that number one?
You're on your own for the rest.

Why don't you RANK that number one? You're on your own for the rest.

The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 13

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