English to Nepali Meaning of regular - नियमित

Regular :

नियमित, समायोजित, स्थिर, साधारण, व्यवस्थित, प्राकृतिक, औसत, स्वभाविक, सन्तुलित, चिल्लो, सीधा, अपरिवर्तनीय, सदैव, सीमित, क्रमबद्घ, संवैधानिक, सेट, अझै पनि, दायाँ, सही, औपचारिक, राम्रो-नियमन, गोलाकार, राम्रो-proportioned, चिटिक्क

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Definitions of regular in English
Noun(1) a regular patron(2) a soldier in the regular army(3) a dependable follower (especially in party politics(4) a garment size for persons of average height and weight
Adjective(1) in accordance with fixed order or procedure or principle(2) often used as intensifiers(3) conforming to a standard or pattern(4) regularly scheduled for fixed times(5) in accord with regular practice or procedure(6) occurring at fixed intervals(7) relating to a person who does something regularly(8) (used of the military(9) (of solids(10) not constipated(11) symmetrically arranged(12) not deviating from what is normal(13) officially full-time
Examples of regular in English
(1) The individual consumer has the regular bill as an incentive to manage his or her use of the phone, but the corporate customer doesn't care too much about the cost and may not even see the bill.(2) As there are still few options or places to park for those employees, it's still a hot topic with shopkeepers who claim they are causing regular shoppers to drive on due to a lack of space.(3) By human standards it was about the size of a regular door.(4) Along with its regular induction, the Songwriters Hall of Fame also doles out a few special prizes.(5) With the rise of online play, newfangled regular size discs, and violence, Nintendo is having trouble keeping up.(6) May is a regular and well known visitor to the Day Care Centre in Abbeyleix District Hospital, for which she is also a dedicated fundraiser.(7) Corporate email is usually subject to constant changes and requires regular attention.(8) She asked Renae as if they were two regular teenage best friends gossiping.(9) He may see himself as a regular sort of guy, but he is morally responsible for atrocities.(10) Ohlson varies his regular structure by making two rectangles within each of four vertical quadrants.(11) The Blackmon place was a regular old time slave plantation.(12) Their regular food is kebab roll, shwarma or biryani, as they are forever short of funds and settle for the cheaper, greasier fast food variety.(13) He's a regular on the red carpet and known for his lavish parties and glamorous life style.(14) When wine is matured in any other form of wooden container it is particularly important that the ullage space is minimized by regular topping up.(15) Also to have your pc online at the same time, simply buy and install a regular network card into your pc.(16) First, readings are collected over an interval that takes into account regular tidal patterns.
Related Phrases of regular
(1) regular verbs ::
नियमित क्रिया
(2) regular verb ::
नियमित क्रिया
(3) regular price ::
नियमित मूल्य
(4) regular expression ::
नियमित अभिव्यक्ति
(5) regular pattern ::
नियमित ढाँचा
(6) on regular basis ::
नियमित रूपमा
(7) at regular intervals ::
नियमित अन्तरालहरुमा
(8) regular customer ::
नियमित ग्राहक
(9) regular job ::
नियमित काम
(10) regular college course ::
नियमित कलेज कोर्स
1. uniform ::
2. rhythmic ::
3. frequent ::
5. methodical ::
6. usual ::
7. steady ::
8. even ::
9. veritable ::
10. fixture ::
1. inconstant ::
2. infrequent ::
3. irregular ::
Different Forms
regular, regularities, regularity, regularly, regulars
Word Example from TV Shows
Is that regular or Honey Nut?

Is that REGULAR or Honey Nut?

The Big Bang Theory Season 9, Episode 9

that turns out
to be a regular party,

that turns out to be a REGULAR party,

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 5

No, just a regular comic signing.

No, just a REGULAR comic signing.

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 16

Your sugar was a little high.
I'd follow up with your regular physician.

Your sugar was a little high. I'd follow up with your REGULAR physician.

The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 24

by talking to
regular people.

by talking to REGULAR people.

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 12

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