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:: You never know when you are going to suffer a tyre blowout or when another driver is just going to be plain careless:: The study found the antidepressant effect of BT to be robust among psychotic depressed and elderly depressed patients:: It is a fast snappy moving show with short scenes and little time for scene changes during the blackouts:: These supplements should be mainstays for any guy looking to add bulk while keeping off fat :: Contrary to the expectations of the prophets of secularism the Christian religion continues to flourish in western societies at the end of the twentieth century:: Everything fell into place for us once the game began and the good start was very welcome:: We would never be able to make it without the number of student volunteers and interns :: He was knocked out by a kick to the head:: Benzene is especially noxious with the ability to cause bone marrow cancer and leukemia :: To specifically monitor the fluorescence signal we placed a bandpass filter centered at 580 nm in front of the optical detector:: This neednt have happened if not driven by Morgans sudden monomania and desperation to be right:: It provides a solution to the old problem of what legal rule allows a casualty surgeon to perform an urgent operation on an unconscious patient who is brought into hospital:: :: he was addicted to opium:: Specialist equipment such as splints callipers and braces can help with paralysis and contractures:: The man was later carried out by police and paramedics put on a stretcher and taken by ambulance to hospital:: Setting aside suspicion and paranoia surely highways officials must have a plan for the future of this area:: I am paranoid about personal hygiene and I constantly wash clothes and burn candles in my apartment for company:: They are all a pack of bludgers and parasites who pay no taxes but spend ours:: The tactical application of immunization is the only way to eradicate polio :: The root of the plant is a remedy for rheumatism asthma and other respiratory ailments:: Third we pray to obtain from him the forgiveness of our sins and the remission of their punishment:: Comparison of the UK rate of spinal surgery with that in other countries shows that UK surgeons are not sharpening their scalpels to the ringing of cash tills:: There is software available that allows home owners to scan in a picture of their home and then try out different colors without making an actual commitment:: I placed my hand in his expecting a shake but he surprised me by bringing my hand to his lips and placing a butterfly kiss on my knuckles:: Its two in the afternoon now and I still feel shaky and weak:: Their neutral tone will balance the bright hues of the coolest polo shirts of the season and offset your trendy jeans:: Schrekers opera not as a work from a turn of the century long ago but as a paradigm with very contemporary relevance:: Applications software took a similar amount of time to be adapted to vector machines for example by restructuring loops and adding directives to facilitate automatic vectorization of the code by the compiler
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