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:: Yes half the night was spent in agonised discussion of such minor stupidities when all that was necessary was to call the whole thing off:: She fights off agonising back pain sustained in a work injury two years ago to keep the show on the road:: You wont find many personal accounts of the agonies of backache or ingrowing toenails:: The universitys Sunday afternoon sessions are where some of the areas most buffed and ruthless body benders tear off their moves:: The bells have bonged at the local church and we have a bus to catch:: Gresss book has many capsule discussions of major thinkers which are very well done and I learned a lot from these passages:: Her treatment was a course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy followed by a lumpectomy:: Tests showed she suffered a heart attack after taking heroin morphine and cocaine :: Moving and holding the Carm unit during fluoroscopy exposes the surgeons fingers to high dosages of radiation:: Cultures were immediately irradiated with a UV dose of 27 J m:: Theyre two egomaniacs with two totally different agendas:: Somehow you feel that even now 17 years later hes still exerting his influence from beyond the grave :: This for me was very refreshing considering I had indigestible food for breakfast:: Sideeffects with these treatments tend to be minor and include headaches nausea indigestion and a stuffy nose:: The additional two isolators help secure the engine to the mount and avoid much of the fatigue associated with vibration:: Gastric lavage for isolation of M tuberculosis is a well accepted method:: But those baby blues or browns or greens will also prove the telltale sign of someone using methamphetamine commonly known as crystal meth crank speed ice or glass:: I am pumped full of drugs methadone morphine opium marijuana the whole lot:: He tested positive for the banned stimulant methamphetamine after winning the bronze medal in the slalom at Salt Lake City:: There was no difference in success or complication rate between hospitalized patients and outpatients :: Four days later this immunosuppressed patient developed a sore swollen tongue:: Fill the bag with the roux and pipe long sausages of the mixture on to the tray:: He is a player who gets a lot of challenges against him and he has to resist reacting against them and keep playing the game:: They used to be frequently invoked as an inspiring example of heroic resistance to injustice and oppression:: His broken arm throbbed hed almost passed out twice while the bonesetter splinted it and he felt as if the sobs of the wounded were a dark and restless sea on which he drifted:: :: In the Clark case technicians swabbed every surface knowing the smallest trace amount could nab a killer:: These charges include electric traction current and stationleasing charges
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