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:: The latter are freshwater fish living in slowflowing rivers:: There is no silence like the windblown silence found in the flat desert at the center of a world divided between two perfect hemispheres of earth and sky:: Was he telling her that hed been poisoned by poison hemlock :: Greenfeed insurance covers specific annual crops grown for the purpose of being cut baled or silaged for livestock feed:: His bloated face was rivered with veins like raspberry ripple icecream:: We fished together in rowboats off riverbanks and bridges in rivers and lakes with worms and fish eggs and lures and flies:: The riverside parklands were the projects appeal:: And the generation gulf is set to widen as the number of pensioners in the area is expected to rise by 22 per cent in the next decade:: Yet despite this the state still had to face down a barrage of criticism both at home and abroad for its handling of what the United Nations has called the worlds biggest disaster:: Men had to be relocated in single sex hostels whilst women were left to eke out an existence for themselves and their children on barren lands:: Robbie Blake curled a trademark free kick just wide and then slipped at the crucial moment when he seemed certain to end his worrying goal drought :: The scheme includes restoration of hedges around a moated field south of the village which is thought to be the site of the home of the Skipwith family in the late 14th century:: Sometimes I add extra leaf mould for heath or moistureloving plants or seaside sand for coastal plants in a trough :: They were walking home from school the tan girl on the left and the darker one on the right:: There was much talk of shady dells with dappled sunlight satin sheets and rose petals fluffy bunnies tissues anything that might make the deal sound sweet to both parties:: Innumerable lagoons lakes canals estuaries and the deltas of 44 rivers make up the 900 km of backwater network of the State:: And then the heavens opened releasing a deluge of heavy rain that had all three of us scrambling to be the first back in the house:: Electricity generated through the use of waterwheels or hydraulic turbines is known as hydroelectric power:: branch of an artery:: you can still invent your own career be your own brand:: I mean theres hundreds of thousands of miles of transmission grid theres countless substations where the electricity gets rerouted:: They contend that corporations are taking advantage of public resources and subsidies while driving up the price of water and cutting off the poorest users:: For a time beginning in the 1920s fox fur trading served as a supplement to subsistence :: Studies in the past showed that subsoiling clay soil in the spring does not improve cotton harvests:: You can tell that the underwater shots are filmed behind a tank of aquarium fish plastic plants and all:: Navy ships armed with missiles and machine guns now escort high value merchant vessels such as cruise ships and tankers :: Most halos appear as bright white rings but in some instances the dispersion of light as it passes through ice crystals found in upper level cirrus clouds can cause a halo to have color:: In Minquin province they live with violent sandstorms drought and a desert encroaching at five to ten meters a year:: She had very long sandy brown hair that she wore in a French braid
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