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:: Mangroves live on tidedrenched seashores because unlike most trees the vinelike roots absorb air through their pores:: They told me before they died that they were born by the seaside on the far side of the Ox mountains:: Not all the golden sand washed seaward from Oriental Bay is worth the price you pay:: Where the White Mountains come to an end is the great peak of Mount Mindolluin:: Although a majority of Italians were peasants Italian nationalism had been remarkably inattentive to the peasantry :: Males mature more slowly at three they begin to pester mares in estrus and are driven out of their natal group:: A few white fairy lights can add a sprinkle of magic among the winter foliage of evergreen trees and shrubs:: This nest is usually in a spruce or other conifer and may be 440 feet up:: Spirits such as whisky bourbon Cognac Armagnac and rye derive virtually all their colour from the time they spend in oak barrels they would be clear as water otherwise:: Instead we often get stuck riding a reliable mule up a rough trail:: Landowners too can be held responsible should someone decide to discard their trash on private property:: Its encouraging to see that there are only two other dive boats on the wall and the mooring buoys are well spaced out:: Come and see all the marine life thats attracted by the oysters and mussels we cultivate in a Scottish sea loch they said:: Her dad pulled over onto the shoulder of the highway and stopped the car:: Red foxes are terrestrial and either nocturnal or crepuscular :: She found him standing alone in the moonlight staring up at the waxing crescent :: Ahead the crest of the hill seemed as distant as ever:: the breed does seem to milk better in harder conditions:: This has resulted in mercury contamination of water courses and threatens the reefs:: Nicola found herself dodging death as she made her way down Dooncarton Mountain with the landslides tumbling down either side of her:: I looked at the coastlines beaches headlands and palms and wondered how long it would all last without the reefs protective barrier:: John Murphy said he uses reusable shopping bags because he doesnt like seeing plastic bags littering the countryside:: He generally uses local timbers all types including oak ash monkeypuzzle beech elm chestnut walnut sycamore etc:: In those first vital hours the police decided to publicise the raid as much as possible in a bid to make the stolen pictures too hot to handle:: They said the fate of fishing trawlers out at sea at the time of the tidal waves was not yet known:: It lay in the drive to further hand the fate of the planet and the worlds poor over to big business:: Within the scheme of science education planetariums are considered an important tool for exciting youngsters and the general public about the wonders of the universe:: Within two days they were exploring the possibility that the note was a plant and that the saboteurs might not be a terrorist group after all but possibly a disgruntled railroad employee
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