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:: Alaskas glaciers coexist with flowering tundras that bloom in the arctic summer:: The best tend to have fewer species provide a great deal of space and sometimes almost reproduce the animals natural habitats minus most of the dangers:: The weather for this ASR patrol was 75 degrees and sunny with a 10 knot breeze from the southwest:: A planetary nebula forms when Sunlike stars gently eject their outer gaseous layers to form bright nebulae with amazing twisted shapes:: When he wiped his hand on a clean piece of paper the image of Africa that appeared inspired his publisher to turn the hand into a series of lithographs:: Thoughtful jazz lovers of all degrees of musical literacy ought to be delighted and enlightened by Gioias yeomanly effort:: Although box and yews can be clipped into formal shapes most shade plants appear at home in that naturalistic setting:: Chapelcross is Britains only producer of tritium a radioactive gas which is essential for boosting the explosive yield of nuclear bombs:: I can see those flags flying in the breeze and that lush green of ball park grass so much brighter than anything I could ever get in my own back yard:: I throw the car into drive and flood the engine with my right foot:: The 12yearold test case may open the floodgates for a spate of litigation against local authorities:: :: Expert climbers they spend much of the daylight hours sleeping and sunbathing in trees:: But it was worth every puff for the naked mountains were spectacular and intermittent sunbeams spotlighted the glistening granite peaks:: The scuffed skate shoes blondestreaked ponytails and collars pulled up over sunburned necks were nothing out of the ordinary:: :: It was their just reward last week to see the fruits of their labour come to fruition and be recognised:: They stood looking down into the valley and the river flanked by green meadows and trees:: Birds might breed there but in fact the reproduction success is not high enough to maintain the population:: cereal crops:: The company saw its milk sales rocket from 600000 cartons to 42 million bottles weekly:: a fish farm:: Some young farmers and farmhands asked us what we did:: With only 5000 for repairs they struggled to meet the builders quotation of 30000 to transform two farmhouses into holiday cottages:: sheep farming:: That has made mainstream use on Americas irrigated farmlands a reality:: Ive also been trying to source Ammonium Ferric Sulphate and Copper Sulphate for electro etching:: It is generally agreed that the linear dunes in the Namib Sand Sea have extended from south to north
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