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:: Some owners object to the appearance of a fenced wastewater lagoon system:: A lone tree sat dejectedly atop a small hill overlooking a small lake that reflected the clouded sky above:: Access is certainly an important issue as the Task Force heard Nova Scotians feel very strongly that we all have the right to enjoy our seacoasts and lakesides :: Every Sunday the beach buggy riders come to the strand in cars and vans and spend the afternoon zooming up and down the shoreline between Beale and Littor Strands when the tide is out:: A headteacher has spoken of his shock at the sudden death of one of his popular young pupils:: And then I thought Oh great spring I remember thats when they replace the piles of slush with piles of mud and its a big rainy mess:: The contaminated waste was dumped on the shallow foreshores of Homebush Bay which eventually became reclaimed land:: The First half was made mostly of a dense forest trees covering any view of the bottom:: If poultry are secured and lambing is done indoors that would remove a food source for the foxes:: Hanging planters also make a good home for anything that will trail and spill over such as ivies and creeping phlox especially if the planter is hanging above eye level:: Modern humans have occupied New Guinea and the nearby Bismarck and Solomon archipelagos of Island Melanesia for at least 40000 years:: Greek winemakers are making a determined effort with their native white wine grapes:: It bestows on cricket though a gravity that goes way beyond just two teams of 11 fit young people playing a game against each other doesnt it:: Renas fingers lightly graze mine as she takes the flower back and sniffs it herself:: Some graziers are planting paddocks with kale or turnips for winter forage in the North:: she saw the mudcovered carcass of a sheep:: Cassandra nodded and knelt by his side gently turning his head and placing her hand at the pulse point on his neck:: The sun was overcast by clouds and the air was springlike but the miasma of the swamps added a sour heavy scent:: Her address sounded good but electricity charges and fuel prices are still increasing:: It also coincided with a deterioration in the weather when the rain poured down:: crush the poppy seeds to a powder:: It likes to trumpet its all out speed while ignoring the 130 watts of power and size of the beast:: Over the years we have added scientific investigations on wildlife road kill tree growth and a study of American chestnut seedling survival:: It would solve real problems energy conservation sickbuilding syndrome resource depletion:: Those then are some reasons why good farmers are conservationists and why all farmers ought to be:: Today began well with Greek yoghurt and strawberry conserve on almond muesli and became even more lovely as the day went on:: hardly anyone ever plays scrub these days:: May you continue to reap all the good things that you have sown this year:: During 1878 one local factory employed thirtyfive people and produced hundreds of ploughs and numerous harrows reapers and scarifiers for the farmers
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